Mini Homefitness Fitness Stepper( New)

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The Homefitness mini-stepper is portable and convenient, which makes it ideal for a home gym and a quick cardio workout. Although it is not as effective as its larger counterpart — the stair stepper — the mini stepper can provide weight loss benefits similar to brisk walking. As with all forms of cardiovascular exercise, the amount of time and intensity you put into a workout affect how much weight you can lose.

Using the Mini Stepper
The mini stepper is manually operated and sometimes comes with a handle or resistance bands. To use the stair stepper, you put both your feet onto the foot pedals provided and perform a stepping motion similar to climbing uphill. Mini steppers allow you to adjust the tension for a more intense workout for weight loss. Some mini steppers also have an integrated calorie counter, which allows you to monitor your calorie expenditure.

Shedding Pounds
You can burn about 100 calories an hour using a mini stepper while watching television or working in an office, according to a study published in a 2007 issue of the “British Journal of Sports Medicine.” The researchers note that the energy expenditure of a mini stepper is similar to brisk walking. You can burn more calories by using a mini stepper while standing up and holding dumbbells in each hand. This increases your overall mass and hand movements with the dumbbell, such as curls helps increase your level of exertion.

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