Matrix Fitness G3 Series MSFT300 Functional Trainer (USED)

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The Matrix G3 Series Functional Trainer
Functional fitness training is one of the most effective and efficient ways to strengthen your muscles. Everyone can benefit from this specific type of exercise program; it doesn’t matter whether you’re twenty-years old or eighty-five! Rather than focusing on one part of the body, functional exercises work multiple joints and muscles together. Since this is how the body naturally moves, functional training will improve the body’s ability to perform everyday tasks, assist in injury prevention, improve balance, co-ordination, agility and reduce the risk of falls for older users.


Matrix Fitness G3 Series MSFT300 Functional Trainer (USED)


The Matrix G3 Series Functional Trainer Features:
Over-sized Frame Tubing: Yes
Frame finish: Proprietary two-coat powder process
Frame Color: Polarized Titanium
Weight Stack:
Self-lubricating Weight Stack Bushings: Solid cold-rolled steel plate, with Teflon inner bushings
Suspension: 3-Point Design
Guards & Pulleys Covers: Yes
Weight Pins: Magnetic & tethered
Ease of Use:
Color-coded Pivots & Adjusts: Yes
Instructional Placards: Yes
Bottle & Towel Holder: Yes
Ergo Form Cushions: Yes
Tech Specs:
Overall Dimensions: Functional Trainer 67″L x 39″W x 92″H
Weight Stack: Functional Trainer G3-MSFT 300: 2 x 300lbs. (1:4 Ratio, Effective Resistance 75lbs)
Functional Trainer G3-MSFT 400: 2 x 400lbs. (1:4 Ratio, Effective Resistance 100lbs)
Total Weight: Functional Trainer G3-MSFT 300: 1,261 lbs. Functional Trainer G3-MSFT 400: 1,458 lbs