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The TuffStuff Bio-Arc Triceps Dip (BA-704) is an excellent option to improve your exercise facility’s strength training circuit.  The Bio-Arc Strength Series is designed to keep the user’s entire body moving along a linear arc trajectory with each machine to optimize muscle recruitment.

  • Maintains optimal body position throughout the entire range of motion (ROM)
  • Head, back and seat pads designed to maintain neutral positions
  • User’s entire body moves along a linear arc trajectory with the machine
  • Independent handles allow natural arc pattern and movement of joints, limiting stress
  • All welded construction by inert-gas MIG welding with 3″ and 4-1/2” 11-gauge steel
  • Custom upholstery and frame colors available
  • Full commercial warranty

Bio-Arc Triceps Dip (BA-704)
The TuffStuff Bio-Arc Triceps Dip (BA-704) is part of the most innovative commercial strength equipment line-up available.  Whether your clients are novices or experienced with weight machines, the Bio-Arc Triceps Dip provides a spotter-free experience.  The independent movement of the hands and arms minimize shoulder stress, while allowing complete elbow extension and triceps recruitment during dip movement.

The Bio-Arc Triceps Dip utilizes cable handles from Trak.  Trak Fitness cable handles are the first and only handles that include 3 axis of rotation, which allows users to move through multiple planes of motion.  By combining the TrakHandle Sport with cable based resistance and new arcing technology, your users will experience state-of-the-art performance with rotational movement essential to upper body muscle development.

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TuffStuff is proud to introduce the Bio-Arc strength series, the first resistance machines to incorporate multi-planar movement of each machine’s seat, along a linear arc trajectory.  The seat movement allows the user to move along the arc path in conjunction with the machine helping to maintain more optimal muscle length and improving the force of contraction and training stimulus.  Three years in the making, from concepts and engineering to prototype, testing and refinements.  Each of the Bio-Arc line’s machines were tested, following initial design positioning, by an independent exercise consulting company.  Pilot research studies combining joint positioning – using goniometry testing, along with muscle recruitment and activity measurements – through electromyographic (EMG) testing were performed to determine the optimal dimensions of each unit for final production.  Every detail and design modifications were executed to exact specifications and re-tested.  The end result is our patented Bio-Arc Technology that allows full body linear arc trajectory motion during execution of the exercise.


Weight 535 lbs
Dimensions 61 x 55 x 58 in

10 YEARS: Frames, welds, linear shafts and weight plates.

5 YEARS: Pivot bearings, pulleys, bushings, gas-shocks, and guide rods.

3 YEARS: TrakHandles

1 YEAR: Linear bearings and pull-pin components.

6 MONTHS: Upholstery, cables, finish and rubber grips.

ALL OTHER PARTS not mentioned, one year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Frame Materials 3″ and 4-1/2” 11-gauge 120 wall round tubular steel with a combination of 2×4” 11-gauge 120 wall tubular steel.
Welds All welded construction by inert-gas MIG welding conforming with all Structural Welding Code-Steel Standards and Specifications.
Padding Molded PU foam glued to 1” industrial plywood backing, combined with double-stitched premium upholstery.
Upholstery Premium Bolta Sport vinyl with PreFixx, formulated to resist bacteria, stains, mildew, oil and UV stabilized pigments. Meets most flammability test requirements. All upholsteries are double-stitched with “hidden” borders. Bolta Sport color swatches are available upon request. Sixteen standard colors. Custom colors are available – please inquire with your sales representative.
Finish Choice of two primary colors: Gloss Charcoal Gray with Matte Black accent or Platinum Sparkle with Matte Black accent. Custom colors available, please inquire with your sales representative.
Cables 3/16” USA-Made Certified EXERFLEX PRO® high performance fitness cable.
Guide Rods 3/4” solid steel 1045 (tgp) highly polished hard chrome finish.
Adjustment Pins 1/2″ push-pull spring loaded solid steel adjustment pins with ultimate load of 9040 lbs. and 46042 sheer strength.
Pulleys 4-1/2″, 3-1/2″ and 2″ fiberglass reinforced nylon pulley.
Weights 3/4″ black painted solid steel plates with reduced noise and self-aligning low friction sleeves.
Other Specs IMPORTANT NOTE: Equipped with 245 lbs. weight stack: weight lifted is the approximate combined user’s weight and weight selected (see weight guide label).

CUSTOM STABILIZER FEET: Heavy grade molded rubber base feet insures stability, prevents equipment movement, and may be bolted to the floor.

SELECTOR WEIGHT PINS: Weight pins are solid steel, magnetic with ball-end to ensure a tight connection and secure fit.

FASTENERS: All frame bolts and nuts ard 3/8″ and 1/2″ zinc plated grade 8. Meets ANSI specifications.

LINEAR SHAFTS: 1″ precision Rockwell C60 grade solid shaft.

BEARINGS: 2″ High precision linear sealed ball bearing (load rating of 1900 lbs.).

US Patents US PATENT NO. 9,533,188 B2; 9,539,462 B2 AND OTHER PATENTS PENDING.


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