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The AIBI Fitness Trampoline invigorates your exercise routine. It uses smooth, low-impact, nearly silent elastic cords, opposed to jarring, squeaky steel-coil springs. Arched legs provide unmatched stability and the ability to be stacked. Whether you are looking to get back in shape, or want to tone your physique, The AIBI Fitness Trampoline provides a challenging workout that meets you where you are.


Weight Loss

It’s not rocket science; research studies prove exercise is essential to your long-term success.


Start bouncing, breathe deeper and feel better while improving your cardio system!


Develop your Balance, it’s critical to daily life!

Try our Balance Building Basics: If you do these exercises barefoot, it will further stimulate your sensory receptors related to balance!

For any of these exercises, if you need to, stick out your arms for extra help:

  • Level 1: Simply start by standing on the rebounder with your eyes closed.
  • Level 2: Stand on the rebounder on one leg.
  • Level 3: Bounce gently on the rebounder keeping your feet leaving the mat.
  • Level 4: Bounce gently on the rebounder – keeping your feet on the mat –, but keep your eyes closed.
  • Level 5: Bounce on the rebounder, (eyes open) so that your feet leave the mat
  • Level 6: Bounce and leave the mat, this time keep your eyes closed
  • Level 7: Jump on the rebounder side-to-side, or front to back
  • Level 8: Jump on the rebounder side-to-side or front to back on one leg.

Bones & Joints

It may be time to branch out to new forms of exercise that will help keep you flexible and fit without adding impact or stress to your joints. Hello Rebounding! The action of bouncing (on proper equipment) gets your joints and muscles working with and against gravity. This gives you the workout you’ve been looking for, without the force and impact on your body. And, rebounding creates an exercise synergy. Not only do your joints and muscles get a low-impact, vigorous workout (and your joints get lubricated), but you rev up your heart and lymph system, too.

Get Fiscally Fit

Don’t bounce back your checkbook, bounce forward your fitness!

Lymphatic Systey

The lymphatic system fluid needs to circulate through the body – in a way similar to blood circulation. Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump –a heart– to promote circulation. Instead, the lymph system relies on the body as a whole to circulate fluid, using muscle contraction, gravity, and body movement as its “pump”.

Bouncing – rebounding – on a trampoline creates the perfect synergy of these three “forces.” For this reason, rebounding is uniquely suited to stimulate the lymphatic system and help keep your body healthy.

Fitness for Older People

As we age, however, balance, spatial awareness and muscle functionality tend to decline. Difficulty with balance functions can, in turn, make even routine movements such as walking a problem. Rebounding/bouncing it turns out — is an excellent way to successfully support and maintain your balance mechanism as well as muscle and bone strength.