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[Used] Octane Q47

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The Octane Q47 is a popular elliptical trainer among shoppers with higher fitness budgets. Featuring the high quality of club elliptical trainers, it supports ergonomic 18″ to 26″ strides, excellent training support, and high quality components for hassle-free use over the years. It can fit virtually any family member in terms of stride length, weight capacity and challenge. A choice of two consoles is offered, plus for a limited time the Octane Q47 is shipped with an iPad Mini. Using the iPad or another tablet computer is the best way to take advantage of the Octane’s SmartLink connection for extensive personalized training, video workouts and fitness data management to drive success.

Workout Programs

The average elliptical trainer gives free access to maybe 10 or 20 workout programs. The Octane Q47xi console has 14 built-in programs and provides hundreds more through a wireless connection to SmartLink. The SmartLink app was developed with physical therapists, coaches and other training experts to provide customized guidance and advanced data tracking.

One SmartLink feature is Cross Circuit Live. It broadens your training options with 225 exercises and 35 workout plans. Narrowing the selection is easy; choose the muscle groups that you want to target and your general workout goal.

SmartLink has the following specific goal workouts available for the Octane Q47: 12 weight loss, 20 “Feel Better,” 12 tone-up and 30 for athletic performance.

A simpler console, the Q47x, has 10 built-in workout programs.

Octane Fitness Q47 Features

The Octane Q47 has a power-adjustable 18″ to 26″ stride. This range supports the natural walking gait of just about anyone, plus it gives many options for targeted muscle toning.

The console display screens (two choices) are easy to read and include a SmartLight that indicates your exertion zone. The SmartLight also lets you know when to prepare for cross training workout boosts. For SmartLink access the Q47 is currently shipped with an iPad Mini.

SmartLink automatically stores your progress and makes it easy to share with social media or fitness apps.

The moving handlebars have adjustable resistance and allow different grip positions. By simply changing your grip you can target different muscle groups in your arms, chest and back. Resistance bands are also included depending on your console selection.

Contact heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars.  Wireless heart rate monitoring is supported depending on your console selection.

A three-speed cooling fan is included on the Q47xi.

MOM Mode disables the pedals and console buttons for children’s safety.

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