[Reconditioned] AIBI GYM EZ TONE DESK (Black)

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[Reconditioned] AIBI GYM EZ TONE DESK (Black)

  • $700.00

The AIBI EZ-Tone Desk allows you to simultaneously focus on your work while squeezing a quick workout out at the same time. A revolutionary piece of furniture that also serves as a treadmill. Made specifically with the user's convenience in mind, the EZ-Tone Desk can be easily folded up and stowed away. This space-saving and multi-functional treadmill is a must-have for those who like to keep fit while work at the same time!


  • Full Assembly

Ez Tone desk is fully assembled in our factory and have passed through stringent quality check before leaving the factory.

  • Treadmill, Table & bench all in one

Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone while you are working out. Fold it up to convert it into a standing table or place it on its side to tranfrom it into a sitting bench. With AB-TD2710 sophisticated design, it will blend into most home decor.

  • Pulse reading

Built-in hand Pulse sensor for immediate pulse readout & provide stability during workout.



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