Lease Gym Equipment

At Homefitness, we are dedicated to bringing fitness to you. As one of the best companies in the business, we specialize in quality home fitness equipment rental services. If you’re looking for affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place. We provide a complete range of cardio and strength equipment for you to take your pick from.

When it comes to gym equipment rental services, our vast selection renders us the true leaders.


We are the only company in Singapore to provide a Home User Leasing Programme, from 06 months up to 5 years. Corporate Leasing is also available.

This has been designed to free you from ownership, which includes huge capital outlay. Our long-term or short-term operating lease is a flexible plan that saves money and time and frees you from maintenance worries. It is a customized gym setup package where a fixed sum of money is invested on a monthly basis over an agreed lease term. You can choose from a mixture of both new and reconditioned equipment.

Reasons why you should lease with us:

  • Cost efficient – Cheaper to lease than to own in the long term
  • No high upfront Capital – Cash can be conserved for more productive reasons
  • Flexibility – Allows constant upgrading
  • Saves time – No need to source for service, maintenance and parts
  • Easy approval – No pre-qualification required for approval
  • Easy budgeting – Accurate forecasting of budget
  • Product support lifeguard – Maintenance contract at no additional cost
  • Extended warranty – Covered by a comprehensive warranty for the lease term
  • Regular equipment upgrade – Opportunity to upgrade every 3 – 4 years


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