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Horizon Torus 3 Multi-Gym

  • $2,399.00
  • $2,699.00

Product details: Horizon multi-gym Torus 3

  • Weight stack: 80kg
  • Multi-gym with minimum space required of less than 2 qm
  • Coated, sturdy steel frame for long lifespan
  • Many exercises for strengthening upper and lower parts of the body
  • Foam coated lat pull bar and handles are included in delivery
  • 8 times adjustable backrest, 4 times adjustable seat for optimal sitting position
  • Wide arm press with multi-position handles for different muscles
  • Freely movable arms for even more exercises on the cable control
  • Hard-wearing, 6 mm strong cables encased with nylon
  • Rollers with quality ball bearings
  • 40 x 80 mm steel frame
  • Powder coating matt black
  • Scope of delivery: lat bar, two handles
  • Even more exercise variety with separately available strength handles
  • The Horizon multi-gym Torus 3 measures 204 cm in height, nevertheless, the ceiling height should be 215 cm for assembly.
  • Max. user-weight - Horizon multi-gym Torus 3: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Horizon multi-gym Torus 3: (L) 189 cm x (W) 104 cm x (H) 204 cm 

Horizon Torus 3 multi-gym with 6 training units

The Horizon multi-gym Torus 3 offers a great variety of exercises on smallest space. 6 training units are integrated in the Horizon multi-gym Torus 3, where you can exercise almost the whole body !

  • Exercise back and neck muscles as well as the biceps on the lat pull unit.
  • The multiple adjustable lateral cable controls are very versatile offering free strength training and other sport specific exercises.
  • Exercise effectively chest, back, and shoulders on the multi press.
  • Achieve stronger calf and thigh muscles with the leg curl.
  • The lower cable control is suitable for rowing workouts in sitting position or effective biceps and triceps training.

The frame of the Horizon multi-gym Torus 3 is very stable. It is made of 40 x 80 mm strong steel tubes, galvanized, and powder coated. This gives the frame a precious finish and increases distinctively its lifespan. The pull cables of 6 mm are encased with nylon.

The multiple adjustable seat offers a very high comfort while exercising with the Horizon multi-gym Torus 3. The backrest is 8 times and the seat pad is 4 times adjustable. Besides the optimal training positino, this also stands for a higher varitey of exercises. The guide rollers are equipped with high-quality ball bearings for a smooth running of weight loads while exercising. The weight block is of 80 kg and is adjustable in 5kg increments.

Delivery of the Horizon multi-gym Torus 3 includes a lat pull bar and two strength handles.


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