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date Jun 01, 2021

With the closure of gyms, we are stuck choosing between sweating it out in the heat or in our home (or not at all)

Outdoor training has always been the go-to alternative — with more roads to run, bigger space to exercise in and arguably fresher air to take.

But, with COVID-19 and the recent debate of it being air-borne, these trends have started to shift as people are choosing to work out at home to reduce outside exposure.

Now, if you’re going to train at home, could you get the same quality training as you get from gymming? "Can home workout be as effective as in the gym?"

The answer is yes, but working out at home requires a lot more self-discipline, but let's not take my word for it. Let's weigh out the good and the bad of working out at home instead.

What makes working out at home more attractive?

  1. No expensive gym fees — means more money for you to reinvest on other expenses.

  2. Convenience — saves time travelling to the gym, so you can always exercise whenever you feel like exercising.

  3. Skip the queue — gone are the days where you queue to use that multigym  or wait to chope a bench.

  4. Relish in your privacy — workout without having to feel self-conscious, no gawking eyes.

  5. DIY your workout area however you like — it could be a HIIT studio one day and a spin-class next - all up to you!

  6. Participate in whatever virtual exercise class you want (thanks YouTube and the internet)

 How are we affected, if we work out at home?

  1. The temptation to just relax — knowing your bed, endless wifi and computer are just near you, plus there are no gym membership cancellation fees.

  2. Form correction — you need to constantly ensure your form is correct without the supervision of a professional, or risks injuries.

  3. Costs — Setting up a personal home gym could be expensive at first.

  4. Variety — unlike home, a fitness gym would provide a greater range of commercial grade equipment for you to use.

  5. Equipment Maintenance — commercial gyms constantly upgrade and seek maintenance, whereas home equipment is only serviced and maintained when you are financially able to.

So, are gym equipment necessary? Well, bodyweight exercise is enough, but if you are training your body with a goal in mind, having fitness equipment could help achieve the results faster.

What home gym equipment do I need to train effectively at home?

It really depends on your budget. You can create anything from a personalised fully functional gym area, to simply storing a few dumbbells and gym mat at a corner of your house.

Living in the 21st century, we are bombarded by the endless options available online and the hardest part is deciding what not to buy.

With that in mind, the following sections could guide you in creating the best home gym for your fitness needs.

Portable gym equipment and accessories — anytime, anywhere (mostly)

If you do not have a huge budget to work with, focusing on getting the basic gym equipment accessories would be your best option.

Additionally, these accessories and equipment usually take up very little room, so there is no need to sacrifice space, making it perfect for even BTO flats.

Here are some items you could invest in when initially setting up your home gym space:

and.... add these on for a more robust home gym space:

Gym essentials — dedicated to a lifestyle change and investment 

If you are planning to make an investment towards a healthier and active lifestyle, it is essential for you to consider the equipment's durability, warranty as well as costs ( or you could consider renting )

So if you are looking to set up a permanent gym corner at home, you might want to consider the following:

and.... add these on for a more professional home gym feel:

It is possible to build impressive stamina and physique without splurging on equipment.

Tricep dips, the plank, mountain climbers, lunges and bodyweight squats are all examples of great whole-body conditioning exercises that you could do without/without add-ons like bands and weights.

Another option, is to follow workout videos. There are plenty of these videos for you to choose from and they rarely involve any additional equipment besides yourself.

So can home workouts be effective? Definitely yes. With just a little more time and effort, your home workouts can be just as effective as a gym workout.

*This article was adapted from realbuzz, healthline and stayfit305