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date Jun 03, 2021

There are many ways to stay fit and lose weight at home, and one of the most popular options is to get a stationary bike, especially a spinning bike.



Don’t get it confused with an exercise bike though,  a spin bike is built for a shorter and more intense workout, thus making it perfect for people who are busy. 





According to this article, an average spin class helps riders lose between 400-600 calories in one session! That is equivalent to 30 minutes of outdoor running, based on this research by Havard Health Publishing.


You could always choose to moderately ride on a spin bike, and you can still lose up to 260 calories.



Spin Bike has been a choice for seasoned cyclist as the bike allow riders to mimic an “on-the-road” feel, but beginners do not have to feel deterred, as spin bikes don’t require you to be an expert.



The convenience of adjusting the intensity of the workout to suit your fitness goals are worth every sweat.



 Spin bikes are built to make your exercise regime more effective, so if you have a tight budget, a good quality spin bike would be more cost-effective in the long term.





  • Alternative For Full Body Workout 

A spin bike allows you to enjoy a full-body workout as it involves the major muscle groups such as the core, upper body, back body, lower legs, and glutes. It basically replaces most of the fitness equipment out there, especially with its compact size. Talk about cost-saving and space-saving right?



  • Increases Your Calorie Burn

You get to burn more calories on a spin bike as your muscles are pushed to be more engaged to keep that heavier flywheel pedal going. You’ll burn more energy completing each repetition that you perform.


  • Help Improve Heart Health and Lung Capacity

​​​​​​​Heart health and lung capacity are two of the most apparent advantages of utilizing a spin bike. With consistent usage of a spin bike in your workout routine, it helps to improve your endurance and also provide good cardiovascular training. Additionally, spin bike workouts can help anxiety, as you build the momentum to lower your heart rate when physical exertion begins to take the breath away.



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